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> working with the media for financial professionals

If money & compliance wasn't an issue, what could a massive advertising campaign do to boost your sales and recognition?  

But if you don't have $100,000 or more for an effective ad campaign and compliance is becoming increasingly stringent, Free Media is just what you need!   You know the level of credibility and professionalism that is achieved by the advisor that is quoted regularly in the media.  How about the financial professional on the morning news or with a regular feature column? 

Have you ever asked why that person isn't you? 

A better question would be, how can that person become you.  Clients trust advisors that the media trusts.  That's a fact.  When a prospective or current client sees your name in the headlines or on television or radio, you're perceived as "the" expert in your field.   Learn how to work with the media and have them promote your products and services.  It's simple, easy and is the most affordable way to advertise your name and company.  Better yet, it's free!  This information packed workshop is custom tailored to you, the financial advisor, broker and planner.

You will learn:

  • 10 common mistakes to avoid with any press release
  • How to write a release that gets noticed and what to say
  • Templated headline's that anyone can customize that command the media's attention
  • How to create your own press list
  • When to use a wire service
  • Simple shortcut's for writing your release
  • When, where, who and how to send a successful release
  • 5 things to NEVER do when dealing with the media
  • How to significantly increase your changes for return interviews
  • The media is calling - now what?
  • 7 secrets for sailing through any interview
  • How to write a release that has media calling YOU!
  • Turning your finished media interviews into "credibility tools" for increased business
  • How to build a media kit
  • Ways to secure a regular column
  • How to handle the tough questions that the media will ask
  • Building relationships with media - how to feed them the right story at the right time
  • And much, much more!


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