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Discover the Romance Factor

Fun & simple ideas for a fool proof Valentine's Day

By Kelley Keehn

Now that the holiday season has passed and hopefully you still have your new year’s resolutions on the fridge, let’s include one more for your list. Consider adding some spice to your resolutions and your marriage; make romance a must for 2006!

How much romance have you experienced in your relationship lately? A better question might be to ask how romantic you’ve been. The close of the year is often a time of reflection, and if you haven’t flexed your ‘love’ muscles lately, cupid’s arrows are right around the corner ready for your aiming and execution. Instead of waiting for February 13th to franticly sift through every magazine for tips and gift ideas for your day of love, start practicing on a daily or weekly basis. When the special day arrives, whether Valentine’s Day or your next anniversary, your romantic muscles will be warmed up and poised for spontaneity and increased passion.

Romance, especially when it’s forced and expected because of a holiday, can be fraught with “love blocks” or “total giving-up” resigning an individual to the belief that they’re not the romantic type. But life is best lived when each moment is savoured and when love is extended in new ways with your spouse. Think back to the last time that you felt butterflies or excited nervousness when seeing or anticipating a date with your sweetheart. If you’re struggling to remember that far back, a stiff dose of romance is indeed in order!

Cupid’s day can also conjure up feelings of resentment at the retail industry’s shameless marketing of expensive flowers and overpriced chocolates. Some may find that this day of love occurs during a time of financial hardship. Resigning ourselves to do nothing is a sad reality for many lovers.

A cure awaits as I’ve compiled a number of low to no-cost solutions and ideas that you’ll be sure to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. And if money is no object, send your wife for a day at the spa or buy your husband that new big screen television. Even if cash flow isn’t an issue, love really is in the details. Try these unique and simple acts of affection and reap the rewards for years to come.

Romance on a dime (literally!)

click here for a full list of ideas. 

Renewing your love and passion for each other can be simple and fun with the rewards far outweighing the effort. Get creative and make time for romance this winter season. Happy loving!