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> your prosperity group guidelines

The following is a list of suggested guidelines.  It's not necessary for you to follow them exactly and I encourage you and your group to alter them as you wish.  They are intended to help you get started ... have fun, play and enjoy the process!  

Base each meeting on the books

Both books, The Woman's Guide to Money and The Prosperity Factor provide the material for each of your sessions.  Ensure that your members have read the entire book or at least the chapters that your meeting will focus on.  Your time should be spent discussing interpretations, exercise experiences and the insights of the group.  Decide if members are allowed to attend if they have not read the assignments.

Which book should you base your group on?

Either The Woman's Guide to Money or The Prosperity Factor will suffice.  I would suggest that you start with The Prosperity Factor.  When your group sessions based on this book are complete, move to The Woman's Guide to Money.  The latter is a much more advanced version of my first book but does leave out a great deal from the first book.  The choice is yours.  I would suggest completing the meeting schedule below based on the first book, start all over again when your sessions are complete with my second book and see how far you've come!

Suggested meeting schedule

Depending on the length and frequency of your meeting schedule, you may wish to extend some of the following into two or three meetings, and some topics may be simpler for your group than others.  Also feel free to combine meeting topics if the group discussions move in that direction.

Session #1:

Introduction.  Set the group rules.  Discuss what each member would like to achieve from the meetings.  Agree to what you will read and when and focus on your future schedule.  Have each member complete all of the self assessment questionnaires.  These are located in The Woman's Guide to Money which also explains them fully.  If the group is starting with The Prosperity Factor, I would suggest that the group still purchases a copy each of The Woman's Guide to Money.  This book was written more as a workbook as well, and will serve as a record for the future of how very far each member has come.  Remember, books are tools; write in them, highlight what you'd like to review again later and make the book work for you!

Session #2:

Allow time for each member to discuss their answers to the self assessment questionnaires.  Start discussing chapter 1 and 2.

Session #3:

Always start each meeting with a few minutes allocated to each member to discuss their experiences, thoughts and insights from the last meeting.

Focus this session on chapter 2 and 3.  Practice the exercises and discuss.

Start the 30 day challenge.

Session #4:

Discuss the 30 day challenge and each member's experiences since the last meeting.    Review chapters 1-3 and start discussing      chapter 4.

Session #5:

Discuss the bank accounts that each member will set up and the names that they'd like to call them.  Have each member agree to when they will set up their bank accounts and have someone write down everyone's agreement.  Discuss chapter 4.

Play the economy game in the next meeting.  Review the rules and make sure all members bring their items/services for sale for the next meeting.  Ensure that all members at least receive the cost plus a profit for each item/service.  And use cash, not exchange of items or services.  Do not exceed $10 per item/service - preferably, under $5.

Session #6:

Check to ensure that all member have set up their bank accounts as agreed to in the last session.  Discuss any insights, banking constraints, etc.  Play the economy game in this meeting and have fun!

Session #7 & Session #8:

Spend as much time as a group necessary to finish all of the goal setting exercises.  Ensure to hold each other accountable for when they will start their action steps and what small things each member will commit to the next day, week, month and so on.  You may wish to use session #8 as well to finish the exercises in the chapter called "the plan"(which are in both books.)

Session #9 & Session #10:

I would suggest that half of session #9 is spent on discussing the "fear factor" chapter (which is in both books).  Use the second half of session #9 and all of session #10 for developing You Inc. and designing all of the group's personal policies.

There you have it!  All of the sessions listed and detailed, but as mentioned before, these are just my guidelines.  Go with the flow; if you'd like to spend three meetings on one chapter or combine meetings, feel free to do so.  Ensure that each session allows for every member to dialogue and share their experiences, challenges and successes with the group.  Obviously, the larger the group, the more time needed.

Enjoy and remember, I'm just an email away if you need me. 

Live Prosperously!