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This is a very small sampling of Kelley's media talking points.  For timely topics covered in the media and across North America, please visit the "events & appearances link to your left.

  • Protecting your most valuable investment and no, it's not your home or investment portfolio!

As one now famous bank slogan states, "you’re richer than you think," so too is the average Canadian worker. With over a million dollars of earning power in a lifetime, our tangible worth can't be ignored. Amidst global market turmoil, job losses and the value of our homes declining, Keehn discusses how to protect and insulate your most important investment - YOU and your career!

NEW!  This topic is based on Kelley's newest book, She Inc. released November 2008

  • A woman's guide to surviving & thriving in these uncertain economic times

Are you sabotaging your own career without even knowing it? Do your words constantly devalue your talents and accomplishments? By teaching women to recognize their own strengths and empowering them to make their own rules, Kelley Keehn gives easy-to-follow examples of how thinking like a corporation can protect your career against market turmoil. Stop putting yourself down and start acting like the talented, confident woman that you are! After all, if you don't respect yourself, how can you expect others to?

NEW!  This topic is based on Kelley's newest book, She Inc. released November 2008

  • UnionMart - is this mind set killing your career?

Do you know someone who loves to complain about bank profits? Or scheme about how to get more out of their employer by working less? These individuals have it all wrong! Forget about the corporate breaks you're "owed" and the "that's not my department" mentality. Keehn encourages Canadians to think of themselves as a corporation, whether they're an employee or entrepreneur. For the past 15 years, Keehn has perfected the strategy of thinking of yourself as You Inc. for maximum career profit and growth. Learn to get ahead with this simple perspective shift.

NEW!  This topic is based on Kelley's newest book, She Inc. released November 2008

  • Digging your way out of credit trouble - this mess is going to take more than a shovel!

Canadians are over $1.3 trillions dollars in debt and 75% of us have less than 3 months’ savings in the bank. So what then does the average individual do when the furnace breaks down or the kids need braces? Keehn demystifies your credit report, how to dig you way out of debt, and repair and maintain a solid credit rating. This information could save or cost you thousands in a lifetime! Keehn also offers tips for negotiating with your bank and other creditors, protecting yourself from identity theft and more.

NEW!  This topic is based on Kelley's newest book, She Inc. released November 2008

  • Intelligent Frugality - more than just Diva on a Dime!

Keehn details the silly financial mistakes that so many of us make and shows you how to buff up your negotiating muscles and sharpen your deal spotting radar.

NEW!  This topic is based on Kelley's newest book, She Inc. released November 2008

  • Avoiding the holiday spending trap

The day after Thanksgiving is known as “the biggest shopping day of the year” and begins the holiday shopping season; a season people spend the rest of the year getting out from under.  Many fall prey to the holiday spending rush by waiting until the last minute and spending more money than they had intended to.

Keehn offers sold solutions to avoid the holiday spending trap. These are just a few suggestions to help avoid a broke new year.  Keehn can elaborate on any or all of these.

  • Determine a spending limit beforehand.
  • Carry only cash, leave the credit cards at home.
  • Limit impulse purchases and avoid being “sold” Put things on

hold and come back a day later to see what you really want.

  • Keep the end in mind—know what you afford to pay in January.
  • Avoid the lure of false deals such as lay-away's and credit 
    cards that negate any real savings in the end.
  • Avoid the holiday rush.  Determine what you want to buy in advance.
  • Be Creative- some of the most thoughtful gifts can be made instead of bought such as cookies, flavored vinegars, framed photos,  holiday ornaments or coupons for favors. (She can bring in visuals).

Timely tie in:  November - December

  • Still suffering from a holiday hangover?

What's worse, a Canadian winter day or the dreaded moment the first credit card statement arrives in your mailbox from a season of overspending?  Keehn can provide a number of solid tips for digging one's way out of debt and for turning their financial year around.

Timely tie in:  January - late February

  • Couples & Money - the money taboo

Money disagreements are the number one cause of divorce.  Keehn proposes special spending and savings accounts for each spouse and can talk about mitigating arguments over money with sound account advice.

Timely tie in:  week before & week of Valentine's Day

  • Kids & Money - are children doomed to repeat the mistakes of their parents?

With the average Canadian facing soaring personal debt levels and decreased savings, what hope do our children have for a debt-free life and the retirement they’ll one day yearn for?

Keehn can discuss saving, spending and credit solutions for kids ages 2 - 18.

Click here to view a pdf of Keehn's Top 10 Tips for Kids & Money

  • To RRSP or Not to RRSP?  Questions women need to ask!

The financial industry has done an excellent job educating the public about RRSPs and saving for one’s retirement.  But are RRSPs right for everyone?  Does gender matter when saving for retirement and should women ask different questions of their financial advisors than men?  Keehn discusses the key factors that both women & men must consider before investing in an RRSP.

Timely tie in:  early to late Feb - RRSP deadline is March 1st

  • The top 5 excuses women make for not taking charge of their finances

I don’t have the time.
I'm not smart enough.
My spouse will look after me.
I’m too busy with the kids
It's too late for me to change.

Keehn can discuss how to stop making excuses and how to start taking control of your financial future.  She offer suggestions from checking out the Internet over coffee to listening to tapes while driving and doing chores to get up to speed. As with anything, once you just start, the easier learning about money management can be.   She also addresses the amazing benefits for you and your children of empowering oneself financially.

  • Piggy Banks & beyond - how to teach kids of any age money habits for life

Most of us learned the best and worst spending habits from our parents. Keehn discusses simple strategies for all age groups that will help them save spend, save and even understand credit from ages 2 - 18. 

  • Better than a budget - how to create a realistic financial outlook

Keehn equates budgeting with financial imprisonment. The tighter you squeeze, the worse you feel and the more likely you are to blow it. Instead, she offers tips to track your dollars and find opportunities to cut back as well as indulge.

  • Credit card debt & spending

Women feel more guilt with spending than do men, but also lead the pack in looking after the household finances.  Often times, like with over eating or any other destructive pattern, over-spending can be a sign of trouble.  Tips for reducing spending include - freezing credit cards, paying off the entire balance each month, refinancing debts with secured assets to greatly reduce interest charges and predetermining spending limits before going shopping.


  • Other popular media topics include:  investing, RRSPs, RESPs, women and money, kids and money, couples and money, the psychology of money, goal setting, and more.