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>making the connection with instant rapport

Rapport is a buzzword that hit the business world some decades ago, but still remains misunderstood.  Your employees likely use some form of rapport building with clients, but do they understand the precise recipe it takes to communicate with a complex customer base?  Deepening the level of rapport with your employees and customers will increase sales and retention and will dramatically shift your staff to focus on customer service excellence!  Remember, a potential customer may not necessarily buy your product or service from you if they like you, but most assuredly, they won’t do business with you if the don’t like you.

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Kelley’s dynamic and cutting-edge workshop on Instant Rapport with assist you and your employees in learning:

  • How to gain immediate trust when communicating in person, via telephone or email
  • How to master the 3 steps to building, maintaining and deepening rapport
  • How to relate with the 3 personality types -- discover your own type and its benefits and limitations
  • How to make others instantly believe in you
  • How to listen responsively and effectively
  • Discover the hidden keys the lie within you for greater self-motivation
  • How to be an effective communicator even in the most hostile customer interactions
  • How to understand the secret coded language that customers speak in and learn the how to speak to them in their own language
  • How to extract your customers buying strategy and how to play it back to them to close more sales
  • The secrets of body language and the 5 distinctions that will make your customers trust you instantly 
  • And so much more!