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> for financial professionals

A “must attend” presentation for Financial Professionals!

Learn what no financial planning course has ever taught you!

Based on her books, The Woman‘s Guide to Money and The Prosperity Factor, Kelley delivers an empowering lecture based on a fun, practical journey into the psychology of money.  This lecture speaks directly to financial professionals by a former seasoned financial professional, and will assist your audience in uncovering hidden beliefs and behaviours that have been holding their clients back and limiting the full potential of their financial success and well-being. Participants will learn how to teach their clients to break these old conditioned thoughts and beliefs for greater financial prosperity now!

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Participants will learn how to:

  • build better clients
  • increase retention of assets
  • increase referrals
  • understand how your female clients think and invest differently
  • discover the emotional considerations of your clients
  • identify why your clients double-step your advice
  • increase your clients confidence and trust in your value
  • free your clients from the guilt of spending
  • free your clients from the fear of never having enough
  • position yourself as a financial architect
  • why you should NEVER recommend an emergency account
  • learn the secret to impacting your female clients and how this knowledge can influence your sales dramatically
  • discover the secret of instant credibility by getting your own book published

As the financial architect of your clients dreams,

you need to teach them

“foundational” financial planning.

You’re more than a financial professional.  You’re a coach, friend, confidant, and often times a therapist to your clients.  Equip yourself with the tools to retain your clients assets by better understanding what money & wealth truly means to them.


The largest transfer of wealth from the baby boomers parents has already started.  Over 1 Trillion dollars will be inherited.  How much will your clients keep with you?

The ADVANCED information session covers:

  • 3 strategies for creating INSTANT rapport with your clients
  • 5 ways to teach your clients balance; how to enjoy spending and saving while getting to and during retirement while still meeting their financial needs and goals
  • 5 stupid money mistakes your clients may make after receiving an inheritance and how to help your clients avoid them
  • understand why clients either trust or distrust you and learn the 5 things you must do to succeed
  • learn how to turn a client lunch into one of the most powerful marketing meetings imaginable
  • learn etiquette strategies that will impress even the most discerning of clients
  • what sports psychology reveals about increasing your client’s chances of attracting and retaining wealth.

Did you know that 41 percent of ultra-high-net-worth investors said trustworthiness — not investment performance (19 percent) — was the most important factor in deciding whether to stay with an advisor or not.

"Discover how this Financial Advisor received over $100,000 of FREE press coverage in under 60 days using this financial planning angle with the media."

“As a financial professional for over a decade, I understand the challenges of being in the field.  I realize that many times clients may double-step their financial professional’s advice for reasons that seem illogical or irrational.  Differentiate yourself by showing your clients more than just the “doors and windows” of their financial house.  Talk to them about building a solid foundation.”

Kelley Keehn, Author, Writer, Speaker, Coach, Columnist, Radio Host

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