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> dynamic public speaking & presentation skills

With over twelve years of public speaking experience to groups large and small, Kelley knows first hand the secrets to effective and skilled presentations.  As a sought after lecturer on a variety of subjects, Kelley has learned the action steps and skills necessary that any one can learn to overcome fear and anxiety when presenting in group situations.

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Kelley’s entertaining and unique presentation will assist you and your employees in learning:

  • How to overcome nervousness and discover your own natural style
  • How to establish instant report with an audience
  • The most powerful feedback tool – the video camera (instant video feedback is presented and analyzed for maximum effectiveness)
  • How to finally eliminate the need to avoid situations of where public speaking is required
  • How to persuade, inform, and impress audiences with 5 easy to master steps
  • How to address board meetings, impromptu speeches, and sales presentations with confidence and ease
  • How to use “nerves” to stay sharp; not debilitated
  • How to dramatically decrease feelings of fear, discomfort and loss of control associated with speaking in front of others
  • How to significantly reduce the dread of anticipating a speaking engagement
  • How to effectively and subtly “anchor” a message or sales pitch within a speech
  • How to utilize bridging words and pauses to eliminate “um’s”