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> discovering the secrets to your prosperity factor

A “must attend” presentation!

Freedom today means

Financial Independence!

Based on her books, The Woman's Guide to Money and The Prosperity Factor, Kelley delivers an uplifting and empowering presentation based on a fun, practical journey into the psychology of money.  This lecture will assist you in uncovering hidden beliefs and behaviours that have been holding you back and limiting your full potential for financial success and well being.  Learn to break these old conditioned thoughts and beliefs for greater financial prosperity now!

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  • Learn the universal laws that govern prosperity.
  • Banish worry and discover your path to true wealth.
  • Learn how empowered self-talk and the words you speak can change your life, health and net worth forever.
  • Eliminate the guilt you feel about having, spending and saving money
  • Learn how to attract and retain money.
  • Discover why you should NEVER have an emergency account.
  • Uncover the relationship between “self worth” and “net worth” .
  • Identify the societal and cultural attitudes that have been holding you back from financial success.
  • Discover emotional “wealth blocks” and release them forever!
  • Utilize the “five account power banking system: -- a revolutionary system that will revolutionize how you save and spend money .
  • Discover the multi-million dollar machine that could be working for you now .
  • How the conditioning of your childhood is affecting your finances today.
  • Learn the importance of “foundational financial planning” for a sound and strong financial house.
  • Discover proven strategies for building a new set of beliefs about money, which will produce new financial outcomes and greater happiness and peace.