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> The Secrets of Self-Publishing

As the author of one self-published book and later, two internationally published books, Kelley learned the hard way the world of self-publishing.  She will share her real life experiences and tell you what others promoting the angle of self-publishing won't and don't, when this method of publishing is best and when to save your time and money.

Participants will learn:

    • the basics of "building" your book
    • the editing process expanded
    • how to find an editor, the types and what they cost
    • the proofreading process
    • how to find a proofreader and what they cost
    • designing your book cover
    • laying out your book's content
    • finding a printer
    • choosing the "guts" of your book - paper, text size, font, etc.
    • distribution
    • marketing basics
    • your website
    • shipping your books
    • selling your book
    • working with bookstores
    • working with online retailers
    • working with the press - basics
    • your book launch
    • traveling to promote your book
    • book signings, readings and other promo's
    • tradeshows
    • bulk sales
    • foreign rights
    • copyright protection
    • book testimonials and media reviews
    • how to get on the "best sellers lists"
    • overview of getting published vs. self-publishing
    • resources


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