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> mini economy

Do you remember the economy game?  Have you tried it with a group of your friends, work associates or family?

If not, start!  The most important part of The Woman's Guide to Money and The Prosperity Factor are the exercises.  Thinking through them intellectually is great, but for maximum effectiveness and change in your life, you need to put them to work, today!

I'D LIKE TO SEND YOU SOME MONEY!  I'll be your first player if you haven't tried the economy game as yet.  Send a self addressed, stamped envelope along with your story to:

Kelley Keehn

c/o The Prosperity Factor

PO Box 74077,

Edmonton, AB  T5K 0R0

Include a story about any experience you've had as a result of reading my books (reading it or practicing the exercises) and I'LL SEND YOU A DOLLAR!

That's my offer to you.  A story in exchange for a dollar.  I'd like to support you in receiving new sources of money whether large or small.  Be sure to include your name and contact information and consent to use your story for marketing purposes or to be published in my upcoming books.  If you'd prefer your story to remain anonymous, just let me know.

I'D LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Send me a list of your items via email and we'll start posting them here so other readers can start mutually prospering and sharing in new, positive spending behaviours.  Remember, we're not Ebay.  Only items or services under a few dollars should be listed.  This is only a game and let's keep it fun and easy.