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> Marketing & Media for Authors

These workshops are best suited to those with a book out or soon to be published or self-published.  These sessions are tailored to that of a non-fiction author.  Fiction writer's are welcome, however, not all strategies will be applicable.

Participants will learn: (the following in general will be covered in session one and the advanced workshop in no particular order))

    • what works and doesn't
    • case studies detailing Kelley's book tours, marketing & press coverage
    • what to do before your book is published
    • the ideal release date for your book
    • review copies
    • what to do once your book is out
    • book launches, signings, readings and tours
    • getting media reviews
    • working with book stores
    • alternative distribution channels
    • selling your book via your website and others
    • free reading
    • trade shows
    • writing columns
    • giving away excerpts from your book
    • book tours
    • audio downloads and ebooks
    • blogs
    • the importance of using the media
    • staying current with the media
    • how to write a press release
    • how to release a press release
    • tv and radio interviews
    • what press has the most impact
    • working with the press internationally
    • working with a publicist
    • finding a sponsor
    • speaking as a way to increase book sales
    • speaking to promote your book
    • speaking for income
    • your speakers package
    • your media package
    • how to hit the best seller's lists
    • your marketing and media plan


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